Hardly any other anti stress wellness treatment is so easily applied in the beauty parlor as the herbal stamp massage HERBAL SIAM. Developed for face and body, two HERBAL STAMPS, filled with exotic herbs, are offered, differing in size and composition. The herbal stamps have their origin in Thailand. The valuable herb mix is harvested by hand before the bloom to keep the full aroma. After being dried in warm, shadowy places, they are packed into HERBAL STAMPS with natural linen and sealed air-tight.


To prepare the anti-stress massage, the HERBAL STAMPS have to be warmed in a steamer before being gently passed over the forehead, cheeks and chin or the body like velvet gloves. The oil of the sesame seeds on the bottom of the stamps, extracted by the heat leaves a slightly oily, very pleasant skin feel.

During the massage, the HERBAL STAMPS are passed over the body's energy channels, similar to the meridians in Chinese Medicine. The gentle strokes, the gliding of the herbal stamps, applied with slightly more pressure on the energy spots of the body and the combination of the heat and herbs activate the energy centers and stimulate the metabolism. The muscles are heated, tensions loosened and toxins are more easily eliminated. The full force of nature loosens blockades, revitalizes the body throughout, pampers the skin, is stimulating and harmonizing - simply like a vibrant fountain of youth.


FACE STAMP · 1 pair

BODY STAMP · 1 pair