Cosmetic training centers

Klapp Cosmetics offers beauticians everything they need to operate a successful beauty salon. It goes without saying that this also includes the continuous basic and advanced training in this versatile and ever-changing profession. To fulfill these demands, Klapp Cosmetics offers a broad seminar program in its own training centers at various sites in Germany. As an innovative company, we enable our beauticians to always be up to date through our varied offer. Be it on the topic of new treatment methods, non-standard massage techniques, news in the field of active ingredients or different instrument-based cosmetics. Interesting topics beyond product training aim to strengthen and promote not only the beautician’s technical knowledge, but also her entrepreneurial skills. Work and balance, a secure existence and more lucrative work for the beautician are also always a focus in our seminar offers. The warmth, understanding and know-how of our trainers create a pleasant atmosphere, which forms the platform to eliminate insecurities and worries. Groups with a maximum of 16 participants also allow for an exchange among them. Our newest training center is located directly in our headquarters in Hessisch Lichtenau. This is the only location offering participants a special seminar over two days to become a certified DERMALIST and take a glance behind the scenes at our company.

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  • More than product training – we push your business
  • Training programs free of charge
  • Varied seminar contents
  • Modern training centers throughout Germany

Schulungszentrum KLAPP Allee

KLAPP Cosmetics College

  • Klapp-Allee 1-5

    37235 Hessisch Lichtenau

Essen – Schulungszentrum

KLAPP Cosmetics College

  • Büropark Bredeney

    Hatzper Str. 36
    45149 Essen-Bredeney

Leipzig – Schulungszentrum

KLAPP Cosmetics College

  • Sachsenpark (Neue Messe)

    Walter-Köhn-Straße 1 b
    04356 Leipzig

Schulungszentrum Stuttgart

KLAPP Cosmetics College

  • Lenzhalde 84

    70192 Stuttgart-Killesberg