Cosmetic Devices

Professional facial machines and skin care devices support cosmetic treatments in a highly innovative and effective way to achieve best results.

Professional facial machines and skin care devices

KLAPP Cosmetics professional facial machines and skin care devices are based on modern technologies and treatment concepts. Latest scientific research and years of experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry have been used for developing our skin care devices. Furthermore, numerous of our professional facial cosmetic machines use techniques that have been used in the medical sector for quite a long time and have been successfully tested on their effectiveness. Several cosmetic salons and institutes, especially in Germany and Austria, do already trust in the facial machines and skin care devices developed by KLAPP Cosmetics.

Cosmetic devices provide a broad treatment spectrum

Apparative cosmetics might even play a central role in diagnostic and prevention, when correctly applied. Finally it can affect the final result of a cosmetic treatment in a positive way. The possibility of individual analysis and configuration enables that beauty devices can be perfectly adjusted to the customer or patient needs. Our skin care devices and facial machines cover a broad treatment spectrum and are complemented by particular skin care products which are perfectly tuned to the devices.

Possible uses of facial machines and skin care devices

  • micro-dermabrasion
  • cosmetic lymphatic drainage
  • radio-frequency therapy
  • colour-light-therapy
  • needle-free / noninvasive mesotherapy
  • anti aging treatments (skin tightening and wrinkle reduction)
  • cosmetic ultrasound treatments
  • skin analysis and diagnostic

Why using facial machines and skin care devices?

Facial machines and skin care devices are used to satisfy the highest demands

The requirements in the cosmetic industry have advanced: faster results and more efficient methods are desired. Facts and figures of the plastic-aesthetic surgery show that invasive beauty treatments become more and more common, but are always associated with risks and possible side effects. Modern cosmetic devices are a highly effective but a gentle alternative to invasive procedures. Facial machines and skin care devices of KLAPP Cosmetics provide effective methods to treat common skin problems such as blemished skin, signs of aging, lack of elasticity, dryness, scars, stretch marks and fat accumulation.

Cosmetic devices go literally under the skin

Skin usually has a protective barrier and only finest molecules are able to penetrate that barrier to reach deeper skin layers. Cosmetic machines have the ability to bring active ingredients deeper into the skin, whereas conventional skin care products rather take effect on the skins surface.

Beauty machines as a noninvasive treatment method

Treatments with beauty machines go far beyond conventional skin care possibilities, even if they are still a noninvasive method. Depending on the particular application, skin care devices are able to bring active ingredients deeper into the skin, stimulate deep lying muscles, activate metabolic processes, increase collagen production and to remove dirt particles and dead skin cells mechanically. Simultaneously the treatment with cosmetic devices leaves a pleasant feeling to the skin and is virtually painless.

Complementing cosmetic devices for home treatment

Beside a wide range of skin care products, KLAPP Cosmetics offers as well facial machines and skin care devices for home treatment. Such can be used to support and complement a professional cosmetic treatment of a cosmetic salon or institute at home and to reach even better results. Due to the treatment, the professional cosmetic will also recommend individually necessary skin care products for an optimal result.

Requirements to apply apparative cosmetics

To conduct a most effective treatment and to apply the cosmetic devices correctly, we offer extensive trainings in handling apparative cosmetics. To be able to apply facial machines and skin care devices directly on your customers or patients, you are required to ensure a professional handling. With KLAPP Cosmetics you will be not only able to reach new clients but also to get specialized knowledge in apparative cosmetics and you will be able to offer high effective treatments that were previously not feasible with conventional care.