• ASA PEEL Micro-Dermabrasion: Ein Peeling-Gerät für die sanfte und sterile Kristall-Mikrodermabrasion.

Asa Peel® Micro-Dermabrasion (crystal-microdermabrasion)

Crystal microdermabrasion is gentle and effective skin renewal procedure, for firmer and more youthful looking skin

Scope of application:

impure skin, scars raised above the surrounding area, small wrinkles, stretch marks

Product description:

Asa Peel® Micro-Dermabrasion is an extremely gentle, effective, but non-invasive treatment method. Tiny micro crystals are rooted through a closed circuit onto the skin via a vacuum system. Dead skin cells are thereby gently exfoliated, layer by layer. After an Asa PEEL ® Micro-dermabrasion treatment, active ingredients can again be easily absorbed by the skin, unfolding their stimulating effect in the deeper skin layers. Depending on the skin condition, first signs of improvement can already be seen after only a few treatments.

  • Silky skin feel
  • Fresh complexion
  • Gentle and effective power peeling

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    Functionality of Asa Peel® Micro-Dermabrasion (crystal microdermabrasion)

    The crystal microdermabrasion (also known as crystal abrasion) is a mechanic peeling method that affects the skins surface by exfoliating it and also the deeper skin layers by causing a deep reaching massage effect. When applying the crystal microdermabrasion machine, micro crystals are accelerated by airflow and so led with greater speed through a hose system directly onto the skin. As the fine micro crystals hit the skins surface at high speed, the skin and its pores is cleaned from dirt particles and dead skin cells.

    Crystal microdermabrasion is a very sterile peeling procedure

    The crystal microdermabrasion machine Asa Peel® Micro-Dermabrasion is characterized by a sophisticated closed circuit system. The peeling device vacuums away the detached dirt and skin particles along with the used-up crystals and leads them into a container that is separated from the unused micro crystals. The fine micro crystals itself are sterilised and together with the disposable hand piece the beauty devices ensures a safe and very clean exfoliation procedure. Because of the high degree of purity and sterility the crystal microdermabrasion is especially skin-friendly and avoids nearly any skin irritations, which could occur by using other peeling techniques.

    The crystal microdermabrasion’s vacuum causes a positive stimulus

    Crystal microdermabrasion goes along with a vacuum that not only suction impurities and cell particles but also causes a soothing massage effect. At deeper skin layers, this massage effect stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph flow together with the skins collagen and elastin production. Independently of the treatments goal, the crystal microdermabrasion’s positive effect is already noticeable a few days after the first treatment. The skin feels softer and firmer.

    Facial microdermabrasion improves the effect of skin care products

    Pores will be deep cleansed and therefore freed of dirt particles and dead skin cells. This enables the skin to better absorb active ingredients, which as a result can penetrate into the skin more easily. Through this fact, facial microdermabrasion is the perfect preparation for the following cosmetic treatment.

    Is crystal microdermabrasion painful?

    As a very gentle procedure, crystal microdermabrasion removes dead cell material and dirt particles pain-free. Nevertheless temporarily a slight reddening of the skin may occur due to the mechanical impact. When applying skin care products after the microdermabrasion, it is necessary to choose mild active ingredients that are not strongly irritating the skin.

    How to apply crystal microdermabrasion correctly

    Depending on the treatment goal and skin factors of the patient (skin type and skin condition) the recommended treatment cycle and time interval between the treatments will vary. Right after a crystal microdermabrasion the skin has to be protected from UV radiation and other sources that could irritate the skin. Carefully chosen active ingredients and skin care products support the skin’s regeneration processes and protect the skin. After using the crystal microdermabrasion device, the single-use hand piece attachment is to be disposed together with the container that contains the used-up crystals and the vacuumed particles.

    KLAPP Cosmetics prepares you as a cosmetician to use Asa Peel® Micro-Dermabrasion
    You will learn…

    You will learn…

    …about all areas of application
    …to apply the crystal microdermabrasion in a professional and correct way
    …all contraindications, that are to consider by using Asa Peel® microdermabrasion
    …more about complementary skin care products and active ingredients, which are highly recommended to use within a crystal abrasion treatment cycle