HC9 Colour Light Therapy

Wellbeing for body and mind

Scope of application:

Atrophic skin, sensitive skin, tired skin, acne, couperose

Product description:

Through the use of targeted radiation and a strategic selection of light color, light therapy can tackle a variety of skin problems and treat these effectively in the long term. An additional desirable effect is that light therapy can affect your inner well-being and can bring about a long-lasting improvement in your mood through the release of different hormones.

  • Four different light colors
  • Increases and stimulates the skin’s own collagen production
  • Soothes allergic skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial action
  • Promotes the skin’s metabolism

Learn more about the HC9 Colour Light Therapie:


    The effect of colours and colour light therapy in cosmetics

    It is self-evident that people react to colours – some colours trigger happiness or sadness and some evoke a sense of well-being in people. Which emotion gets triggered depends on experiences, personal preferences as well as the meaning of colours in different cultures. Therefore, the reaction to the perception of colour is also due to the subjective origin.

    The human eye registers light which consists of different light wave lengths and therefore gets perceived as a specific colour. In addition to the visual perception of colours the human body also reacts to different wave lengths. That is where the colour light therapy begins in cosmetics – but light and colour light therapies are also used in the medical field to alleviate or heal physical and mental ailments. In cosmetics, colour therapy focuses on the different effects of light waves on metabolic processes and reactions in the skin.

    The effects of colour light therapy for face and body

    Blue colour light therapy

    If the colour light therapy device emits blue light, it’ll have a relaxing and soothing effect on the skin. Irritated and allergenic skin gets soothed and swelling gets reduced. At the same time cell renewal gets encouraged.

    Yellow colour light therapy

    Yellow light has an invigorating effect. Irradiation stimulates the metabolism of the skin, so that the treatment improves muscle tone and thus has a revitalizing and firming effect.

    Red colour light therapy

    With red light, the ATP production and the oxygen supply of the cells can be activated and stimulate the skins own collagen production. Improving the microvascular circulation vitalizes the skin and activates skin cell renewal.

    Green colour light therapy

    The green colour light therapy has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the skin. Green stabilizes the capillaries, has a decongestant effect and can counteract couperose symptoms.

    How does the cosmetic colour light therapy device HC9 work?

    With the colour light therapy device HC9, irradiation using the colours red, green, blue and yellow can be carried out. The colour light therapy device is extremely easy to handle and suitable for the treatment of both the face and the body. Time duration and colour can be set by simply pressing a button.

    Carrying out the colour light therapy correctly with a professional device

    Due to the possibility of irradiation with different light wave lengths, the colour light therapy device HC9 can be used in many ways. The duration of treatment and choice of colour should be selected according to the skin condition and the skin type. Before the coloured light irradiation, the skin should be well prepared by means of cleansing, mildly de-lymphing grips and an exfoliation. It is also advisable to select active ingredient preparations, that enhance the colour light effect.

    KLAPP Cosmetics prepares you as a beautician for the use of the colour light therapy device HC9


    …learn to carry out the cosmetic colour light therapy professionally
    …get to know all possible applications for the individual wave lengths of light
    …get to know a selection of products and active ingredients that are especially recommended during colour light therapy
    …learn how to successfully combine colour light therapy with many other treatments