HC7 RADIO FREQUENZ THERMA LIFT (radiofrequency therapy)

Skin tightening and lifting by radiofrequency waves

Scope of application:

Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, chin contour correction, sagging neck and cheeks, wrinkled décolleté

Product description:

The gentle radio frequency therapy helps your skin look fresh and radiant again. With a minimal time input, a natural lifting effect can be achieved. The treatment is non-invasive and gentle. Radio waves penetrate the skin and unfold their effect inside the skin. Molecules are set into motion and a desired heat effect is triggered. This stimulates the new formation of tightening collagen, increa­sing skin density and firmness and stimulating the cell metabolism. The external signs of skin aging are minimized and the skin looks smoother.

  • Non-invasive method against wrinkles
  • Stimulates the cell metabolism and the collagen formation
  • Low time-input

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    This is how radiofrequency therapy or thermal lifting works against wrinkles

    In radiofrequency therapy or thermal lifting, selected highly concentrated active ingredients are combined with radiofrequency wave irradiation. The serums that are applied before the treatment support the wanted treatment effect and have a soothing effect. With the HC7 Radio Frequency Therma-Lift handpiece, the serums are carefully incorporated into the skin after application, while at the same time the radio frequency waves penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue and produce the desired heat.

    Skin tightening by radiofrequency heat

    Due to the molecular motion generated in the fatty tissue, a high level of heat development takes place, which in turn stimulates the collagen fibers in the dermis and activates the fibroblasts. Heat stimulation shortens the collagen fibers to a minimum and induces an immediate lifting effect known as “collagen shrinking”. Activating the fibroblasts stimulates the skin’s own collagen build-up. In contrast to the shrinking effect, this is a longer-lasting process because the body takes some time to build up the tissue. To facilitate the full development of the new collagen fibers, the stimulating effect should be maintained through regular sessions. The result is a long-lasting result: newly formed collagen fibers tighten the connective tissue, the wrinkles are visibly smoothed.

    HC7 thermal lifting deals with the requirements of the individual skin needs

    Prior to the HC7 Radio Frequency thermal lifting treatment, the face is thoroughly cleansed, preparing the skin for the active ingredient intake. The selected serums are particularly suitable for responding to individual customer needs. Thus, these not only provide a treatment-supporting and soothing effect during treatment, but also multiply moisturizing, pore-refining or lightening factors.

    Carrying out the Radio Frequency treatment correctly

    Radiofrequency treatment is a non-invasive wrinkle-smoothing method, so the skin is not injured. Also, the radiation is completely tolerated, so that when it comes to skin tightening by thermal lift no side effects are to be expected.

    The duration of the treatment depends on the persons skin condition and wrinkling. In order to maintain the stimulation of the skin’s own collagen production, it is recommended to repeat the treatment about once a week. If the desired treatment result has been achieved, a refresher treatment after several months will be sufficient.

    KLAPP Cosmetics prepares you as a beautician for the use of the HC7 Radio Frequency treatment


    …get to know the complete treatment process
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    …learn to use active ingredients and care products that are specifically recommended when using the HC7 Radio Frequency Therma-Lift device