Ultrasonic device HC8 U-SONIC

For a fresher appearance and firmer skin

Scope of application:

Anti-aging, expression lines, forehead, nose and lip wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, couperose, under-eye bags, age spots, scars, cellulite, saddlebags

Product description:

An increased depletion of the moisture retainer hyaluronic acid is responsible for skin aging. Hyaluronic acid stabilizes the elastic and collagen fibers and protects the cells against free radicals. Where normal cosmetic products only reach the upper skin layers, the HC8 U-SONIC acts in your deeper skin layers, without the use of needles or scalpel, in a gentle and simple way. Valuable active ingredients for the treatment of dry, fatigued, dull and stressed skin are transported into the depths of your skin layers through an ultrasound probe.

  • Improved production of collagen and elastin by the skin
  • Improved active ingredient absorption
  • Lasting improvement of the skin relief
  • Regeneration of different problem areas

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